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Studio 27 1/20 Scale

Williams FW23 Monza G.P.  Winner Montoya

To fit the seat belts I warmed the P.E. parts I and gently pressed them into the seat, and to paint them I simple stuck them on to sticky tape.

Here we are, I had a hard time finding the right blue for this seat I'm still not happy with it. I have just got the new Formula 1 magazine, It  has some excellent close ups of the seat. I may redo it if it bug's me too much.  

Now the floor pan is on I have started to fit the front suspension and build up the barge boards.

The rear wing on this kit is made up of PE and white metal parts, I used Super glue to hold it together.

I light coat of primer to see how it looks not bad. You may notice the to wing is missing on the race this ran was a low down force circuit it was removed.

Ok it did not fit it was not wide enough, and I didn't think it look close to the real thing, Its time to scratch build again!

I started of with checking the decal size and copy the end plates on to plastic.

I have a F1-2000 clear view in the waiting, I will use part of the rear wing and fill it up a little.

Here are the parts! and a test fit using blue-tac. much better.

Just got back from a collage course and chap there told me he can get allsorts of thin metal, I will remake the end plates and top wing out of it.

Test fit!


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