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1/20 Treasure Hunt

McLaren MP4/15 Australian G.P.

Preparing and painting the tub

As I said before it is very important to clean all the resin parts before work it started, otherwise the paint just drop off when removing masking tape.

Once the front wing mounts was fitted to the nose and, I blasted a coat of primer over the car to get an idea on the surface finish, which on this car was not to bad. There were some lines from the mould to sand and some bits to be filled, that is normal. Keep on sanding and priming until its all smooth.

I painted the most of the car in silver ( Tamiya X11:2 & Model Master Silver :1)

Like on the front wing I used photo copied decals to judge where the masking should be. I then gave 3 or 4 coats of (Tamiya X10 :2 & X1 :1) this was much better to me than the light grey Tamiya recommends, to me when I see the car it looks silver and black so that's how I will paint it.

I have soaked the paper decals in water and applied them as if they where real decals to check the masking was correct and it was :o)

I should of painted the red area before the black but I forgot! After much messing about I managed to mask the red area in the right shape. First I gave a couple of thin coats of Tamiya Flat White it must be done before the red. Next I used some Tamiya TS36 which was emptied out of the can and airbrushed in very light and thin coats until it was the right shade. TS36 seems to be a funny colour to spray, when I first used it out of the can it was a right mess and it seems to leak through the clear coat. But if it is airbrush in thin layers it will be fine just let it dry fully before clear coating.

On the right picture I had to check it with the decal, it just needs a fading effect into the black paint next.

For the fade I masked around the red and black area leaving a couple of mm either side, and then gave a light coat of black. This was quite a good job and easy to do.


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