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1/43 Tameo TMK 295

Ferrari F2001 Malaysian G.P. 2001

Now the floor pan is ready, I better get the seat sorted. The seat belts where painted red and covered with matt clear. 

Here is the painted seat, its in semi gloss black and then covered in matt clear, hmm I think the bottom belts are wrong, but I don't have a tool suitable for the problem. Yet!

I have been playing with the front suspension, It's turned out well. 5 Minute epoxy glue was used!

Test fitting of the rear suspension was a nightmare!

The rear wing is made of white metal and PE end plates, easy! I've all ready messed up the top wing, I will respray it soon! More carbon decals was supplied for the wing, I wish Tamiya gave us decals like this.


The rear brakes can by hard to make, first I paint all the parts, Then insert the small shaft into a hand vice. Then I put all the parts onto the shaft using super glue.

For the barge boards, the PE parts was put on first, then using epoxy glue the barge board was applied.

Things are coming on nicely now! 

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