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1/43 Tameo TMK 276

McLaren Mercedes MP4/14 

The front wing is drying out after clear coating the whole wing was sprayed in McLaren dark silver/black the rest is done with decals.

This steering wheel was made from 5 part and detail painted I had problems fitting this.

The top camera is waiting to be put on the car. 

The car is nearly done know just small things to put on.

I put the wheels on and im not sure on that camber i think its to much,

It don't look to bad on the floor I will leave it I would only do damage if I change it.

All done this was my favorite model to date it has taken me 3 weeks about 30+ hours and for my second 1:43rd im100% please with the out come.



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                                                     All tobacco marking are not a form advertising they are there to represent a more exact scale model  

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