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1/43 Tameo TMK 295

Ferrari F2001 Malaysian G.P. 2001

This is the machine which sealed Michael schumacher's 4th world championship title with 4  race's to go! Without doubt It was the dominant car of 2001, Lets hope frank's BMW Williams team will topple them next year!


The contents in the box

Tameo seem to have taken a bit of a different route on this kit (the last kit I made was a 99 McLaren) and I think I like it! I'm looking forward to making it!

To start with I cleaned up the flash, and then I soldered the bottom of the nose, something I'm not good at!

Then cleaned up with files and sand paper, there is a lot of cleaning up to be done on this model, I think it's just mine that's like it?   

Solder and filler was used to attach the PE part onto the nose cone, I do not know how to fix this gap on the right?

A must when making an F1 model is to drill and file out the air intake above the drivers head, Make's it look better! 

I am happy with the body now, I can prime the car, the first coat is sanded heavily to so the body is perfect for painting.

The above picture on the right, is after the first coat has been sanded!

I ordered 3 bottles of B.B.R Procar Fluorescent Red and the thinner has evaporated, grandprixmodels are sending me some more for free!. They have told me to replace the thinner and see if it works. The picture on the left was taken 1 minute after it was painted, it came out lumpy. I spent 1 hour with polishing cloths sorting this out. I put more thinner in the paint, it's now a perfect mix  :o)

The picture on the right is after polishing! Why does the red come out orange it the photos?

I have put all the small PE parts onto old plastic sprue ready to be painted in Ferrari red. ( I wish I came up with that idea on my other 1/43rd kits)

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