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1/43 Tameo TMK 276

McLaren Mercedes MP4/14 

When I painted the dark part some over spray go on to the drivers head surround  so I masked all the car and resprayed it and touched up with polishing cloths I cannot tell now :o)

I have started to fit the suspension arms remember to be careful not to scratch to paint with the sharp tips and measure the height of each arm the wrong or uneven ride height can ruin the look of the model.:o(

The wing is very hard to put together it has to be square, Its not as easy as it sounds the whole thing is only 1 cm wide I used 5 min epoxy glue like I did with the suspension it allows the parts to be moved while it dries.

Here are the wheels they are made from 3 parts i will do a write up  on wheels when I have mastered them.

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