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1/24 Tamiya 

Peugeot 206 WRC 2000

More on the doors

The windows need to be cut I'm not looking forward to this, The green line is where I will cut! 

It worked without cracking, I did it the same as I did the rest of the plastic, A new template was made to mask the windows, I can see myself  scratching the paint! so I still have the original templates left.

The window was put in, so the gaps can be filled with millliput, I have to try and get the windows back in it will be tight.  

Another gap to be filled lucky the door will cover most of this!

On the left I put the filler on thickly!              On the right its been sanded down!

Its starting to take shape now :o) At this point I put some more filler around the doors, and leave it to dry over night.

Here is an idea on how it will look!

I have inserted some pins to strengthen the joint, The filler cracked when I did it. :o(

All I need to do now is to prime, sand and redo the filler until it is all smooth, and then its time for painting! :o)

I have noticed all the sanding that's been done, has put the arch out of shape, this was easy to fix with a peace of sand paper on a block.

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