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1/24 Tamiya 

Peugeot 206 WRC 2000

Above, is the right roll bar and the top of the roll cage that are now finished.

On the roll cage's there are netted sections on them that need to be remade, this was done by making a paper template then wrapping solder around it, each side has taken several attempts to get a tight fit. Some plastic grill mesh came with this kit, I used it for the roll cage.


Using a cocktail stick with blue-tac on the end it was easy to put the mesh on the solder, Super glue was use to do this.

Much better than the molded ones I think, just needs some epoxy glue and a little paint to finish it

Now's a good time to start the doors..

The first thing to do on the doors is test fit the mirrors and cut the windows out, for the windows I used a marker to get the right shape and then cut the window out the same way as I cut the rest of the plastic, and sanded it down to get a good fit.

When I prebuilt the doors I realized that behind the door mirrors was an empty space, I made the backing plates out of  thin vac-forming plastic and painted them Semi-Gloss Black. 

I applied primer in heavy coats to cover up and rough surfaces on the doors, and then polished it until the paint was smooth. I also did the rear wing, roof vent and handbrake.

The fuel box was very hard to paint the jack was very tricky to mask, after three attempts I think it looks good, the silver around the plate is a PE part and looks very detailed. (All the colours on the fuel box was done with the airbrush!)

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