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1/24 Tamiya 

Peugeot 206 WRC 2000

I continued on the body over the weekend. I masked the black lines and painted them, for the black lines around the bumpers and the fog light blanks I thinned down semi gloss black and painted in the groves, then I wipe any excess paint with a damp cloth. Clear coat was sprayed on and left to dry over night.

The template's supplied with the kit was used for the windows, care was taken to align them for perfect fit, then I covered the other side with more masking tape to stop any unwanted paint from getting on the window. When spraying the windows I did several light coats it stopped the paint from getting under the masking tape and making a  mess.

The body was ready for the decal work, it has taken me all day to put them on, once they had finished i put on more clear coat ( 4 thin coats at 30 minute intervals )


The doors are ready for the decals now, carbon fiber was put on the inside, I tried to do it in one go using plenty on setting solution, it didn't work! 

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To do the decals on the inside I put on masking tape to the area I want to mask, and carefully remove the mask and put it on the decal, then I cut the decal out (see left picture) slowly remove the masking from the decal and apply the decal as normal. Then more clear!

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