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1/20 Tamiya 

Mclaren MP4/13 (press and test)

I was not happy about this, Its what happens when the contents of a spray can (primer) is empted for use in  the airbrush and not let the gas's out 

I opened the lid and boom its covered in primer :o( I sanded down and did it all again.

Here we go repainted and alls going well or is it mmm, I cracked the filler on the body and striped the paint AGAIN filled and now ready to paint.

But I well leave that for a few day as im p!"$d of doing it.

The front and rear wings went faultlessly something I did not thing would happen again after the body problems :o(

On the right i cut paper templates ready for the carbon fiber decals to get a better fit and look more like the real thing.

Here are two close ups of the front wing clear coat was applied to protect the decals while I worked on the parts you can see the carbon fiber on the parts I will cut the decal ready for where the glue sticks

Here the wing is assembled just needs clear coating and a bit of black paint removing form the orange end plate

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